About us

Lupfumo Africa Consulting ( herein after referred to as Lupfumo Africa), is a multi-disciplinary company deliberate in its pan African infrastructure development. At Lupfumo Africa we consider infrastructure development to house the following:
• Built environment - ongoing maintenance of existing and new building
• Civil, construction and earthworks development
• Mineral and commodities exploration and realization

Our Vision
Our vision is to become a preferred partner to organizations and communities on the African continent through sustainable and engaging projects, resulting in the upliftment and progress of the continent as a whole.The structure of the managing company is aligned with the sentiment of black economic empowerment, opportunity and employment creation, social and community upliftment which resonate not only in South Africa's business vision but also resonate with the continents view of sustainable growth. We believe everyone on the continent is an African and has a role to play.

Our Values
We value communication. 
Every successful project is delivered on the ability of those involved to communicate, translating a vision into a tangible, quality product.
We value people, we value relationship 
Our clients are not logos on documents but individuals and teams, with whom the relationship is built through nurture. This is our core business
Integrity and trust 
We think about how you receive us, where you are going and how we together will get there.